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S U N N Y (써니)

♥ Stage Name: Energy Source Sunny (활력소 써니 – hwalryeokso Sunny)[Pronounced as Sseoni in Korea]
 Birth Name: Lee Soon-Kyu (이순규)
 Group Position: Main Vocalist
 DOB: May 15, 1989 (Born in the United States, later moved to Kuwait. Eventually moved to South Korea as a result of the Gulf War.)
 Nickname: DJ Soon, Sunny Bunny, Energy Pill, Aegyo Queen, Gag-dol, Strong Sunny, Chicken-Catcher Soonkyu
 Motto: My Best in Every Moment!, Everyday Sunny Day
 Blood Type: B
 Languages: Korean (Fluent), English (Basic), Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic)
 Weight: 43kg
 Hobbies: Swimming, video games, sports
 Interests: Music, fashion, reading magazines, dancing, singing & shopping, comedic acting
 Specialities: Aegyo, Cuteness that Calls for a Punch (aka C.C.P.)
 School: Baehwa All-Girls High School
 Siblings: 2 older sisters, Lee Eun-Kyu & Lee Jin-Kyu
 Casted: 2007 SM Casting System. Prior to her audition to SM Entertainment, SoonKyu trained in Wheesung's company; Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt. SoonKyu was recruited by a recommendation from SM-Towner Lee Ayumi. In 1998, she joined as a trainee for Star World and trained there for 5 years. She was going to debut in a 2 member group.

- 2008 DJ for Melon ‘ChunJi Radio: Sungmin & Sunny’ (with Super Junior Sungmin)
- 2008 MV Super Junior H – ‘Cooking? Cooking!
- 2008 OST for movie Story of Wine ‘Finally Now
- 2008 OST for SBS drama Working Mom ‘You Don’t Know About Love
- 2009 CF ‘Post Cereal‘ (with Sooyoung & Seohyun)
- 2009 MC for SkyTV ‘the M’ (with SS501 Hyungjoon)
- 2009 OST for MBC drama Heading to the Ground ‘It’s Love‘ (with Taeyeon)
- 2009 MC for MTV ‘the M’ (with 2AM Seulong)
- 2009 Variety show KBS2 ‘Invincible Youth’ (as part of Girl7)
2009 Story of Wine OST (IPTV) 이제서야 (Finally Now)
- 2010 OST for SBS drama Oh! My Lady ‘Your Doll
- 2012 사랑해 사랑해 (I Love You I Love You) - MiRyo of Brown Eyed Girls featuring Sunny, from the album: Miryo A.K.A. JoHoney
2012 OST To The Beautiful You SBS  나야 (It's Me) - Duet with Luna of f(x)

  • Sunny was the last addition to Girls’ Generation.
  • Out of all the Girls' Generation members who grew up in Korea, Sunny is the only one to use a non-Korean name.
  • Sunny and her two older sisters, Lee Eun-Kyu & Lee Jin-Kyu, all have the same birth date, May 15th, but were born in different years. The odds of this event occurring is 1 in 133225. (Ridiculous, eh?) ;D
  • Her father was once the manager of the disbanded K-pop girl group Sugar. Her older sister is Ayumi's (Sugar's lead singer) manager.
  • Sunny is a professional gamer fo sho. She cracked 999 lines on continuous mode Tetris on her Nintendo DS. (If you haven't tried it, go do so. It's insanely hard)
  • SNSD reveals she showers the fastest. If you're looking for a girl that won't hog the shower, look no further!
  • Sunny's incredibly flexible. She can do the limbo at 75 cm. With heels on.
  • In the 2009 MBC Chuseok Special Sweet Girl episode, Sunny was voted the idol with the sexiest lips by other idol group members.
  • She has a mole that resembles a heart on her tummy.
  • She has a unique way of blinking, first the left eye then the right eye.
  • When angered, she sticks her tongue in the side of her cheek.
  • Sunny appeared in Super Junior-H's music video for "Cooking? Cooking!".
  • Sunny was a co-DJ on "Chunji" radio until 2008.
  • She was a permanent member of the TV show "Star Golden Bell" until Girls' Generation started their "Oh!" promotions.
  • She also co-hosted a music show called "The M" with SS501's Kim Hyung-Jun and 2AM's Seulong but had to say goodbye to the show due to her busy schedules. Her last appearance as an MC for the show was on April 4th, 2010.
  • Sunny was the only original cast member of "Invincible Youth" to be re-cast for the second season.
  • She was the voice of "Miranda", the female Koala in the 2012 animation movie "Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero" alongside Taemin of SHINee. It was her first attempt at voice acting.
  • She played the role of "Brenda" in the stage musical "Catch Me If You Can" in 2012, and was nominated for the Best Female Newcomer award in the 6th "The Musical Awards" for that role.
  • Sunny also hosted SBS's K-Pop show, "Music Island".
  • Sunny is a manga fan. Her favourite manga is "Slam Dunk". Earlier, she has mentioned she also enjoys reading "One Piece".
  • Sunny's favourite comic and manga characters when she was little were Dooly (Dooly the Little Dinosaur), and Tom and Jerry.
  • A not-so-fun fact: Because of wartime bombings during the Gulf War, she is terrified of loud, cracking noises such as fireworks.
  • Sunny is the shortest member of SNSD.
  • Sunny is in charge of aegyo (cutesy acts) in SNSD.
  • She doesn’t really fond of her real name, Soon-kyu because it sounds old and outdated.
  • The name Soon-kyu lives on through her participation in variety show ‘Invincible Youth’ wherein Sunny revealed her hard-working side as a farmer. Many viewers thought “Soonkyu” was a nickname given to fit her persona of  hard-working country-side girl in the show, while in fact it’s her real name. She also gained the nickname “Chicken-catcher Soonkyu” thanks to her impressive ability to catch chicken.
  • Sunny was born in United States and the moved to Kuwait when she was an infant.
  • She and her family was a war refugee during the Gulf War in Kuwait.
  • Sunny has a phobia to fireworks and loud sounds, probably because of the Gulf War experience she had.
  • Sunny is an avid gamer.
  • Sunny is a niece to SM Entertainment’s founder and former CEO, Lee Sooman.
  • She’s the last to join SNSD and the one who received the shortest training in SM Ent; that was because she was trained in another company, owned by singer Wheesung, for five years but the company went bankrupt so Sunny auditioned to SM Entertainment instead.
  • Sunny shares the same birthday with both of her older sisters.
Source : soshified, snsdkorean || InSONE-sia

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